Reddit Users Explore Male Psyche


For a glimpse of the most common insecurities and fears — no matter how embarrassing — of the modern man, look no further than the front page of Reddit today. It’s an AskReddit starring the male psyche! The question posed: “Dear fellas of Reddit, what are some things that you really want to know or want to have clarified, but are afraid to ask your fellow men for fear or mockery?” Hoo boy.

Questions range from proper Viagra usage, to the issue of testicle evenness, to…you get the idea. Some Reddit users have extremely specialized knowledge. Like this bro, who is teaching a fellow dude how to not dribble urine all over himself.

Did you think that only women were subject to the cruel beauty industrial complex that mandates incessant hair grooming? Nay:

Some dudes are just love fools.

Others were never properly potty trained.

These two are grateful for their Y chromosome.

This guy…aw. This guy’s a sweetie.

And lo, every nerdy male on Reddit breathes a collective, cathartic sigh. Good bro talk, guys. No seriously, I’m proud of you.