Aelita Andre, Artist Now Showing at a Chelsea Gallery, Is Four Years Old


A little girl from Australia has become the youngest kid ever to show her art at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea. Aelita Andre started painting when she was nine months old, when she just crawled onto a canvas and got going. (Her parents are artists, too.) Now, at the lofty age of four, she has a solo exhibition at Agora, and has sold paintings for more than $30,000. She also likes to wear a tutu. Think the Tavi Gevinson of the art world, but with an Australian accent. What’s especially amusing is hearing big grown-up adults talk extremely intellectually about the kid’s “composition” and “movement.”

Via NBC New York,

Agora gallery director, Angela Di Bello, said, “I saw great colors, great movement, great composition and very playful and I thought this is fantastic. Who is this person? Only to find out, she’s a child.”

“She works with the paints individually and layers the paint and creates texture. It’s amazing that she has an innate ability to do it,” Andre said.

When Aelita’s family visited New York, they went to the Met, where Aelita “was clearly disappointed” among the paintings of Chagall and Picasso. “Where are my paintings?” she asked. Cue tantrum.

She has a website, too.

4-Year-Old Girl Takes NYC Art World By Storm [NBC NY]