Anthony Weiner Admits in Press Conference That Dirty Pictures Are of Him, Sent By Him


“The picture was of me and I sent it,” Anthony Weiner admitted at a press conference on Monday of the infamous boxer picture that started Weinergate. Rep. Weiner went on to admit to “several conversations” with women he met online, having exchanged “messages and photos with about six women over the last three years.” He added that he “never met” or had “physical relationships” with any of the women. “These communications took place before my marriage though some have took place after,” he said. “I haven’t told the truth and I’ve done things I deeply regret. I brought pain to people I care about the most and people who believed in me and for that I’m deeply sorry.” But Weiner says he won’t resign.

Weiner spoke on Monday from the Sheraton hotel on 7th Avenue and 53rd Street after Andrew Breitbart, the blogger who posted the photos earlier in the day, hijacked the press conference microphone. Breitbart’s reports took Anthony Weiner’s #Weinergate scandal to a new place with the release of dirty messages and gradual publishing of increasingly raunchy photographs, allegedly sent by the congressman to a Texas woman, among others.

One of the pictures in question shows Weiner with his cats, allegedly titled “Me and the pussys,” and another set has the congressman topless, with threats from Andrew Breitbart and Big Government that another photograph sent from the same email account “is extremely graphic, and leaves nothing to the imagination.”

“I apologize to Andrew Breitbart,” Weiner said at one point in the press conference.

Meanwhile, Breitbart tells the New York Times that the woman who received the photos will soon be coming forward. “You’re going to know who this person is by tomorrow,” he said. “She is going to come out of her anonymity in a very short time. She will be coming forward to communicate the means by which she received these photos. I think it will be clear that she is telling the truth.”

The Washington Post reports that ABC News is “likely” to name the woman who says she received the shirtless photos, among others.

Weiner took questions for about 30 minutes and remained adamant that he did not break the law. He never had that much desire to” actually meet the women,” he said, calling it a “frivolous exchange” among friends. “I’m not resigning and I’m going to try to go back to work,” he said.