Dominique Strauss-Kahn to Be Arraigned Today; John Edwards Did Not Want Jail Time; Man Tries to Pay Doctor’s Bill in Pennies


• Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be arraigned today on charges of sexually assaulting a Sofitel maid last month. He is expected to plead not guilty. [NY1]

• The Justice Department had reportedly insisted that John Edwards serve six months jail time if he pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws, which is why plea negotiations broke down, leading to charges (and his not guilty plea) last week. [CNN]

• A suicide bomber blew himself up at Saddam Hussein’s former presidential palace in Tikrit on Monday. 11 were killed and 20 wounded. In another incident on Monday in Iraq, rockets struck near the residential quarters of U.S. military personnel, killing five U.S. soldiers. [WP]

• Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has announced he’s seeking the GOP nomination for president. [NPR]

• The U.N. has declared the Internet a basic human right. [Times Live]

• A man in Utah tried to pay his doctor’s bill with 2,500 pennies. He was charged with disorderly conduct. [NYDN]

• It may reach the 90s this week. [WSJ]