Fork in the Road Announces the Frozen Treat Fortnight


This kumquat and poppy seed ice cream is worth writing home about — unfortunately, you’ll have to go to San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe to get it. 🙁

Summer’s almost here, and the opening of new frozen-treat concessions has reached a breakneck rate. While we’re waiting for New Orleans Sno-Balls and brick-and-mortar gay soft-serve to arrive, Fork in the Road will provide the latest news of the city’s ice cream scene.

All this leading up to Rebecca Marx’s enumeration of this year’s edition of Our 10 Best Frozen Treats, which will be revealed Friday, June 17. Until that day, keep your eye peeled for a slew of special posts. Who knows, we may even reveal a new Fork in the Road ice cream flavor, with recipe.

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