Jurors in NYPD Rape Trial Say They Believe Officers Were Guilty


The rape trial of two NYPD cops continues to make news despite the officers having been acquitted of rape charges. According to DNA Info, jury members have confessed that they believed the cops — who have since lost their jobs for official misconduct — to be guilty but had to acquit based on lack of DNA evidence. One juror said “In my heart of hearts, I believe her that the officers did it,” while another said of Kenneth Moreno, “He raped her. There is no doubt in my mind.”

Believing something, of course, is not “evidence.” According to another juror,

“We were strictly bound by the judge’s instruction that there must be evidence beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict the defendants of the major charges of the case,” said juror John Finck, 57.

While perhaps it’s odd for the jury to be saying this publicly now, keep in mind that Moreno’s wife recently emerged to call her husband’s accuser a liar and gold digger who can go to hell. And Park Slopers who believe the officers guilty have been plastering neighborhood streets with signs identifying Moreno as a “POLICE RAPIST,” and also giving his address. All bets are off with this case, which has clearly tapped into a lot of people’s feelings, rational or otherwise.

But back to the legal aspects of the case, Moreno and Mata have been cleared of rape — but could face jail time on their official misconduct charges. Meanwhile, the accuser still has a $57 million civil suit against the city. Still, according to a statement she released, “public opinion will be the ultimate verdict.”

Jurors Believed Cops Were Guilty of Rape, But Lack of DNA Forced Acquittal [DNA Info]