Meagan Broussard Revealed as One of Anthony Weiner’s Online Lady Friends


As we spin numbly in the media circus now surrounding Weinergate, yet another character has been added to the mix. Her name is Meagan Broussard, and she is a 26-year-old single mom from Texas. ABC News reports that Broussard provided them with “dozens of photos, emails, Facebook messages and cell phone call logs ” chronicling her “sexually charged electronic relationship,” which started on April 20 of this year, with the politician. Weiner, for his part, has confirmed that Broussard was one of the women (there are, at current count, six) with whom he engaged in an Internet affair.

Broussard seems to have found the incident somewhat amusing, at least at first, saying “I just chuckled,” when she heard that Weiner had told the media he’d been hacked. She does admit to having actively participated in the exchanges, which got started because she liked a video he’d posted on his Facebook page and commented that it was “hot.” Actually, “hottttt.” He then introduced himself on Facebook chat.

Among the photos Broussard received in the course of the “relationship” were the “Me and the pussys” one, with Weiner and his cats; another in which he sits in an office holding a piece of paper; and three “more graphic” images, including a picture of an erect penis, from the address, which she said was Weiner’s online alias.

ABC points out that, a website linked to that email address, includes three photos of a shirtless Weiner — but there’s no dick pic there.

Then there was Facebook, upon which the chat messages the two allegedly exchanged ranged from the rank and file pervy to the actually creepy.

He would say “just good morning, how are you doing, what are you doing today? What are you wearing? What do you like? You know, in the bedroom, you know, that sort of thing,” she said.

During one Facebook chat conversation, Broussard said she voiced uneasiness with the electronic relationship, to which she says Weiner replied, “you are not stalking me….I am stalking you.”

Broussard is coming forward now because, she says, she “didn’t do anything wrong,” and wants to get her story “out there” before anyone else does. And so, here it is, via Andrew Breitbart. She concludes “I just hope to be left in peace.”

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