Paramount Begging People to See Super 8


Oh, relax, I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

But on Saturday morning, Paramount had a screening of the film at the Lincoln Square Theater, and they were carting people off the street to see it!

A source tells me employees were stationed outside the theater, asking passersby, “Want to see a new film for free?”

And the place was still was sparser than a showing of Something Borrowed!

The killer is, I wasn’t invited at all.

Complete strangers were being scooped off the sidewalk and asked to watch this thing, but I — a certified, long-running diva of the press — will have to pay to see the Spielberg-produced sci-fi flick about strange happenings in 1979.

And do you know how that makes me feel?????

Like there are strange happenings in 2011!