Plaxico Burress Released From Prison


Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released this morning from prison after doing almost two years on weapons charges. As no one’s likely to forget, Burress shot himself in the leg at a nightclub with the Glock he had tucked into his sweatpants. “I think he’s learned an awful lot,” said his agent about the prison stint, while also noting that Burress is in good physical condition and will be ready to play. “Running, staying in shape, sprints, jogging, lifting weights,” that sort of thing — “as much as you can do in a facility like this.” Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, a close friend of Plaxico’s, said “there is no chance Plaxico Burress is a New York Giant after he comes home,” but division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles have been floated as a potential landing place, which might explain that awful hat. [ESPN]