Postal Service Rather Insensitive About Hipster Attachment to 11211 Zip Code


As Joe pointed out last week, certain Williamsburg residents are now being informed by mail that they will be losing their 11211 zip code. This is a big deal, because even though almost no one actually gets mail anymore these days, except for horrible junk mail we don’t want anyway, zip codes are meaningful, and we become weirdly attached to our own. Now we have a copy of the totally generic letter being sent out by the U.S. Postal Service, which coldly informs our recipient that “change is not always easy or convenient, but your new ZIP Code will provide additional room for growth in the community and effective mail delivery for years to come.” C’mon USPS, know your audience!

Subtext: You have until July 1 to mourn 11211, then you should probably accept 11249 (that’s not so bad, is it?) and move on. Seriously, all you do is text message anyway.

Have you gotten your letter yet? Stay tuned for coping techniques for your loss.