Sam Talbot Likes Tacos, Lobster, and Aprons


Top Chef hottie and man about town (and chef of the recently reviewed Imperial No. Nine) Sam Talbot takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk to the New York Post about some of his favorite things about summer in New York City, foodie and otherwise.

His culinary picks? One of his favorite spots is the Lobster Place, where he purchases the crustaceans, soaking them in vodka before cooking them. As Talbot notes, “It basically gets them drunk, so when they’re being cooked they don’t go into shock and everything tenses up.” Who knew? It does seem more humane than the cleaver-to-the-head chop, that’s for sure. He salutes Astor Wines & Spirits’ unique booze options for summer frolicking (but, alas, no Hello Kitty bubbly), Tacombi at Fonda Nolita for tasty tacos, and Sur La Table for non-froufrou aprons. But really, wouldn’t he look kind of hot rocking a Betty Crocker-esque apron? If anyone could pull it off and look cool, it would be Talbot.