Sean Penn And ScarJo Are Kaput! My Thoughts


The New York Post reported that Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are no longer an unlikely couple.

In fact, they’re no longer a couple at all.

And I can’t say I’m wildly surprised.

Most showbiz relationships don’t last, but this one — a starlet looking for a daddy — had an even lower chance for survival than most because it seemed more like a kinky sexual liaison than an actual pairing.

ScarJo must have been in way over her head.

And Sean probably overestimated the allure of a double-Oscar-winning political type with a too-strong sense of self.

My feeling is they should have never gone public as a couple (which they did at Reese’s weeding, among other high-profile events).

I mean, I’ve had sex with people, but that doesn’t mean you bring them to a friend’s wedding!