Anthony Weiner Headlines Skip Weinergate Dick Puns on the Front Page


More than a week into the Anthony Weiner scandal, the shit hit the fan, but our local New York newspapers were already running on empty if this morning’s front pages are any indication. Last week brought us New York Post gems like “Battle of the Bulge,” “Weiner Exposed” and “Hard Time!” But after the big blow yesterday, this morning’s results are relatively subdued, and the restraint actually serves the New York papers well, lending the tiniest bit of gravity to the situation. “Naked Truth” from the Post and the competing “Yeah, I’m a Schmuck” from the Daily News maintain the papers’ edge without being too juvenile. AM New York opts for the more frank “‘Dumb,'” using the congressman’s own word, while Newsday mirror the Post with “The Naked Truth,” but chose a better photograph. The Times, typically staid, says “Tearful Weiner Admits Sending Explicit Picture.” The real fun is for inside!

The meat of papers and on their websites are where they let loose, like the Post‘s “The dork knight” headline, calling
“Weiner a ‘caped crusader’ in sext chats.” The serious op-ed that calls for Weiner’s resignation is called “Erections Have Consequences.”

And yet! The “Weiner’s wiener” jokes somehow stay mostly in last week. Or with the amateurs. (The Post‘s page two “Weiner Bawls” is pure professionalism.)

Here are the covers, via Newseum: