Ex-Il Matto to Reopen Next Week with Plain-Vanilla Name, Concept


We were sorry to hear, back in April, that the quirky West Village restaurant Il Matto would close after just 10 months in business and reopen with a far more subdued and commonplace concept. It’s not that we were such die-hard fans of the restaurant, but we admired its commitment to eccentricity. Next week, it will reopen as White & Church (as opposed to White Church, as formerly reported).

Diner’s Journal has yet more details on the overhaul. Owner Matteo Boglione admits he is “going more commercial” with the new concept, but will keep certain specialties — the artichoke croquettes, the eggplant dessert — on the menu. He still can’t explain being awarded two stars by the Times and not being able to stay open as Il Matto, but we can only offer that, as in music and art, what is popular is not always good and what is good is not always popular. White & Church opens Tuesday.

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