Flavaboom Takes Off in Chelsea


Your fro-yo spaceship awaits!

It is almost unbelievable that the market for frozen yogurt still seems to be expanding. Not only do we see more Red Mangos and Yolatos, but mini chains like 16 Handles seem on the way up, and the number of maverick independents — with big aspirations for eventual dominance — has multiplied.

Get to know the layout of your spaceship. Your android follows at a respectful distance.

One such maverick is Flavaboom (600 Sixth Avenue, 212-414-0100), a recent arrival in Chelsea whose name suggests a hip-hop theme. Instead, the place is a sort of fro-yo spaceship.

At the end of the room are eight fro-yo filling stations for the rocket fuel you are about to imbibe. These are configured as four pairs, allowing you to mix types that are adjacent to make a stylish swirl.

The emphasis is on bright fruit flavors. I tried the banana, which was a bit pallid in taste, with a slight chemical aftertaste. The strawberry was purely OK, though it too lacked the flavor zap that the concept suggested. Best of all, by far, was a splendid chocolate, dark and creamy, which I would actually return to eat again.

The stuff is too damn sweet, though. What it lacks in fat, it makes up for with sugar.

This represents $4.47 of strawberry, chocolate, and banana: Flavaboom!