New York Democrats Want to Send Sexting Teens to a ‘Reform Program’


In a bit of news that got passed over yesterday because of some adult sexting, New York state is working on a bill that would send teens caught with naked photos to an “educational reform program” instead of it being a criminal offense. Proposed by the Democrats, the “Cyber Crime Youth Rescue Act” is meant to be more lenient, so sexting kids don’t have to be charged with possessing or spreading child pornography and register as sex offenders just for exploring their bodies together with technology; New Jersey has already made similar steps.

“There are too many kids who are getting themselves into serious trouble for adolescent behavior,” Alan Maisel, a Brooklyn Democratic, told the Wall Street Journal. “I don’t know if they should be tainted with this evil brush for the rest of their lives.”

The law would avoid criminal prosecution for kids under 18, but still would “lay out the impact that such graphic materials could have on their relationships and career.”

Something tells us this one might’ve just gained a few more backers.