Obscure European Aperitifs Are All the Rage; The Bronx Spawns New Beers


Little-known European aperitifs are all the rage these days, from Rabarbaro Zucca, a rhubarb-flavored amaro, to Becherovka, a cinnamon herbal liqueur from the Czech Republic.
[NY Times]

Jack Daniel’s is tweaking the look of its iconic black-and-white label. For one, the “Lynchburg: Pop. 361” is gone due to the town’s population growing to about 6,362.
[Wall Street Journal]

Two new breweries have opened in the Bronx. The Jonas Bronck’s Beer Co. and the Bronx Brewery will each be turning out beers inspired by the borough.
[NY Post]

A roundup of frozen blended drinks includes the Dutch Hopper at Mulberry Project, the Redrum Cocktail at the Bedford, and Yuzu Watermelon Margarita at David Burke Kitchen.
[NY Post]

Wine pouches are in vogue. Glenora Winery in New York and the Clif Family Winery and Farm in California’s Napa Valley use them to keep their wines fresh and tasty.