Shorty Tang’s Cold Sesame Noodles Are Hot Shit


Among the numerous foods we put in our face at last Saturday’s Smorgasburg were these cold sesame noodles from Shorty Tang.

They trace their lineage to the 1970s, and are often cited as the best cold sesame noodles Manhattan has ever produced. Ever since we first read about them, we’ve wanted to eat them in the worst way possible. When we finally got our chance last weekend, we happily concluded that they were more than worth the wait.

The noodles are adorned with only a scant few scallions, but that’s all they really need — anything else would just distract you from your main purpose, which is to enjoy the singular pleasure of the plush, earthy noodles sliding down your throat. They’re sweet, nutty, and a bit fiery, designed, perhaps, to cool you off and make you sweat all in the same bite. In other words, they’re the stuff that fevered takeout dreams are made of; they’ll make you wish you were sitting on a couch with your feet on the coffee table, watching Cosby Show reruns.

And at $5, they’re also a great deal; not only do you get pleasantly stuffed, you also get to eat a bit of history.