The Black Lips’ Top Five Reasons Your Band Should Play A Booze Cruise


Last winter, the Black Lips—along with with fellow dumpster docksiders Ty Segall, Jacuzzi Boys, Turbo Fruits, and Vivian Girls—set sail on the Bruise Cruise, which sailed from Miami to the Bahamas. Those of you who couldn’t get together the scratch for the trip, but who might be wondering what sort of shenanigans the band and their pals got up to, can watch the band’s video for “Go Out and Get It” (from the Mark Ronson-produced Arabia Mountain (Vice), out today), or check out our pics from the boat; you can also check out the band’s five reasons why playing a booze/Bruise Cruise was something they’d do again.

1. The low minimum at the roulette table.
2. The all-you-can-eat buffet. (So much food got wasted.)
3. The live comedy hour and its shitty comics. (We love bad comedy.)
4. Seeing a hot chick in a ’80s-style Budweiser one-piece.
5. Getting to wear a one-piece bathing suit like guys did in the ’30s.