The Mountain Goats Cover Jawbreaker, And Lo, It Is Wonderful


The AV Club‘s Undercover series has had quite a few sublime pairings since it started asking newer bands to take on older songs (you’ve seen the Danzig cover, right?); right at the top of the hitting-all-its-marks pile is its newest entry, in which the fiery, brainy Mountain Goats cover “Boxcar” by the similarly fiery and also brainy Jawbreaker. Says John Darnielle of the source material, which bears the signature line “you’re not punk, and I’m telling everyone”: “Everybody feels beleaguered at some point. That’s the universal truth of punk—you are going to feel, in whatever role you’re living, that everybody’s against you at some point, that people are accusing you of things that are not true.” Cover above; original below.