Weiner’s Wiener Has A Message For The World


And that is …

“Please keep me under wraps from now on, if you don’t mind.

“I don’t even think Anthony did anything that offensive with me — especially since wifey said she isn’t bothered by it — but it was definitely dumb and indiscreet.

“Junk like mine needs to be covered up and camera-shy at all times, or there’ll be trouble in the headlines.

“So if anyone out there wants to be mayor, don’t send out pictures of your swollen crotch.

“If you want to be the president of France, don’t rape the maid.

“If you want a future in politics and/or showbiz, don’t fuck the housekeeper and make a baby.

“And if you want to get to the White House as more than just a tourist, don’t make a baby with someone other than your cancer-stricken wife.

“Got that?

“Everyone just keep it limp and in your pants until you’ve gotten in and out of office, OK?

“Oh, and Casey Anthony, stop lying!”