Williamsburg Movie Theater to Start Construction Next Week


Back in December we reported that Williamsburg was getting a new, multiplex movie theater. Six months later, construction is set to start on the Williamsburg Cinemas next week, owner-operator Harvey Elgart told us.

Even though the theater will feature seven screens, which will range in seating between around 100 to 250, across three floors, it will not be your standard Regal or AMC.

The theater will be independently owned and similar to one of Elgart’s other ventures, Cobble Hill Cinemas. Cobble Hill Cinemas plays a mix of titles ranging from foreign films to family fare to mainstream blockbusters.

“We won’t be a true multiplex,” Elgart said of the Williamsburg project, referring to the diversity of films.

That said, the theater will not resemble Elgart’s Kew Gardens Cinemas, which solely plays art films. But while you might get to see a Transformers film in Williamsburg, you will not get movies that Elgart considers pure horror or action, like the latest installment of the Final Destination series or Fast Five, respectively.

Elgart said that the theater should be open in approximately nine months following the start of construction.