Bottle Service Is Back, Says The Post!


And naturally, I’m quoted in the story.

Because even though I don’t even drink sparkling water these days — the bubbles cause strokes — I do observe the sight of people plopping their butts down on banquettes and ostentatiously purchasing bottles of booze and all the trimmings, served by busty blond things who make a fortune at it.

Enjoy the article, which says that, because things have swung around a bit economically, b.s. (you know, bottle service) is not that embarrassing anymore.

And my best quote about that is …

“Bottle service is about flamboyant, gratuitous expenditure.

“It’s the antithesis of what nightlife is supposed to be about, which is people living on the edge, exploring their inner celebutantes, and acting up in a creative way.

“When the recession hit, everybody assumed that would be the end of bottle service and the right people could party in the right way again.

“But it didn’t happen!!!”