Central Park Boathouse Management in Hot Water Following Sexual Harassment Charges


Looks like the management of the Central Park Boathouse restaurant are some real d-bags. According to the New York Daily News, six current and former employees have brought charges against the famed spot, citing a hostile working environment and claiming they were fondled and pressured for sex.

It is claimed that one manager made female workers view naked cell-phone photos of women he claimed to have slept with, while others were pressured for dates and routinely asked for sex.

These allegations are just the latest in a string of recent conflicts between owner Dean Poll and his workers. In 2007, Poll underreported to the IRS more than $2.3 million in revenues, of which the restaurant claimed $1.3 million in expenses for banquet tips — which it never paid to its waiters. And earlier this year, Poll fired 16 workers, all of them supporters of a union organizing drive. Working here is no walk in the park, it seems.