Gigi Jordan, Millionaire Who Allegedly Killed Her 8-Year-Old Son, Asks for House Arrest ‘Like Dominique Strauss-Kahn’


If you’ll recall, back in early 2010 a woman named Gigi Jordan, who also happened to be a millionaire/socialite/former pharmaceutical company executive, was found in a $2,300-per-night suite at the Penninsula Hotel in New York City, “foaming at the mouth” and “babbling incoherently” as her dead eight-year-old son lay in bed. Pills were everywhere; it’s believed that Jordan gave her son, Jude, a lethal combination of Xanax and Ambien. Now, Jordan is in court, where she has asked “for the same bail-and-house-arrest deal that accused maid molester and former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn scored last month.”

It’s good to know that we have names to put to house arrest deals nowadays! Jordan has been held without bail since her arrest for allegedly killing Jude in February of 2010. Her lawyers, according to the New York Post, are arguing that she should have the option to “build her own cage” like DSK, who, after all, is not even an American citizen. She wants to post a $1 million cash bail, with a $5 million bond.

Jordan’s request will be considered in a hearing on July 12. The trial over the murder of her son will come later, and is sure to be dramatic. Jordan’s lawyers will reportedly argue she killed Jude “to protect him from predatory adults who had been abusing him,” and, according to the Daily News, may claim self-defense as “altruistic filicide” — an attempt to “save him from ongoing ritualistic sex abuse by his father.”

The two-page note she left (intended as a suicide note) included the statement “I hope Jude is in a better place.”

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