Little Edie Beale’s Letters For Sale! You Can Bid!


Edie Beale was the witty and stylish socialite on the skids who wore snoods and mouthed off as the basis of the legendary Grey Gardens documentary about her and her equally mouthy mother.

Well, Edie wrote a whole lot of letters in her capacious free time, and publicist Walter Newkirk is selling them.

Writes Newkirk:

“I am attempting to sell my collection of cards and letters from Edie Beale from years 1976-1985 and 2000-2001.

“It’s approximately 100 pieces of correspondence, including cards and letters on different types of stationary (including an Easter ‘card’ on an Easter themed placement from a diner).

“A lot of the correspondence from Edie discusses Pat Loud of the landmark TV series An American Family, most recently the subject of the HBO film Cinema Verite.

“Christie’s reviewed the letters for auction and had no interest. I have run posts in Northern New Jersey and currently on Craig’s list.

“For now, I will only sell the entire collection to the highest bidder. However, that could change in the future.

“Not going the ebay route, so if you are a Grey Gardens fan — or know a fan — I believe these letters are a wise investment IMHO.

“Included in the collection is the unopened envelope I sent to Edie, which was returned and marked ‘Deceased’ and contains a copy of the very popular and out of print GG fanzine ‘Sleeping Beauties.'”

Walter Newkirk