Milk Bar’s Avocado Toast Finds Perfection in a Poached Egg


We’re big believers that most foods taste even better with a poached egg on top, and Milk Bar’s avocado toast has only encouraged our conviction.

To be sure, it’s already pretty great on its own: The toast is a brawny slab of multigrain that’s been browned to its optimum crunch point, and the chunky avocado salsa is as flavorful as it is abundant, thanks to its judicious use of cilantro, lime juice, and red onion.

But that egg. Oh, that egg. Perfectly poached and wobbly as a breast implant, it yields a warm, runny yolk that oozes over everything in a slow, purposeful way. Watching its quiet destruction is both hypnotic and oddly seductive. Actually eating it is ridiculously satisfying on both a gastronomic and existential level, and may very well make you ignore the fact that you’re being charged $1.50 for a lone egg on top of the $6 you’re already paying for the toast.

But love often makes fools out of us, particularly when it’s unrequited love for an inanimate object. Best to just eat and not think too much, and focus instead on the uncomplicated pleasures to be found in the sunny depths of a single, unassuming egg yolk.

Milk Bar
620 Vanderbilt Avenue