Pinkberry Looking to Convert Foreigners to the Gospel of Fruit-Topped Frozen Yogurt


Yes, it’s not quite as delicious as a dripping cone of full-fat chocolate-chip ice cream, but on a day like today, when the weather is so scorching, you could probably even convert a vegan to Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt topped with an array of fresh fruit. Forbes takes a look at the chain, which is now setting its sights on expansion abroad.

The Middle East is becoming Pinkberry’s largest consumer base outside of the United States (duh! it’s super-hot there!), with the first Kuwaiti location now ranking as the “the number one Pinkberry in the world.”

Manila, Philippines; the United Kingdom; and Japan will also see branches soon, and the company expects at least 30 international locations to open by the end of the year. To play into local tastes, customers will also assist in determining which flavors those branches will carry. Hello, durian fro-yo. Oh wait, you can still find that here. God bless New York.