This Week in the Voice: Brian Wilson’s Songs


This week in the Voice, Stacey Anderson writes about an encounter her father had with Brian Wilson — and why she has the melody to “God Only Knows” tattooed on her shoulder.

Anna Merlan introduces us to Solange Lambert and Cosmo Salerno, residents of Surf Manor, an adult-care home. Both Solange and Cosmo have been diagnosed with mental illness — Solange with bipolar disorder and Cosmo with major depression and anxiety — and they are in love.

Are you ready to guess? Michael Musto shares some blind items this week. For instance: “What young TV star broke up a big Hollywood relationship and also found time to sleep with another married Hollywood icon, though his marriage miraculously stayed intact?”

Lauren Shockey admits that she hates olives and gets other restaurant critics to confess to their culinary dislikes. A taste: Sam Sifton doesn’t like Diet Coke, Miracle Whip, or farmed salmon. As for our own Robert Sietsema? Brains, raw green peppers, cooked carrots, and Scandinavian lutefisk.

Meanwhile, in arts, Robert Shuster reviews shows at Swiss Institute, Jack Shainman Gallery, and MOMA. In “Under Destruction II” at the Swiss Institute: “Comic destruction, with undertones of malevolence and protest, runs through this loud and engagingly nihilistic group show.”

J. Hoberman calls J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 “part travesty, part homage.”

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