Why Women Fake Orgasms: Science Attempts to Explain


Since Wednesday is, apparently, the best day for getting laid, we would like to inform you that women may be faking their orgasms. You might wonder, as people have for centuries, why would a woman do this? Rest assured, science has sought to find out why. Shockingly, new research from Temple University says it’s not about trying to bolster male egos…instead, women who are faking orgasms (and this is some 60 percent, approximately, at one point or another, compared to 25 percent of men) have done it because of their own “issues.” Thanks, science!

In a survey of 366 women aged 18 to 32 “who had indicated they endorse faking orgasms” (endorse!?), it was found that women faked because of their own fear of intimacy, insecurities, and/or because they just wanted it to be over with. (Note that this third item does not exactly fall in the realm of women’s own issues, per se.)

There was also a small group who faked to enhance their sexual experience. The researcher explained that perhaps we should not be questioning their strategy; it’s “one of many tools in their toolboxes for having a positive sexual experience.” Really!

As for the women who fake orgasms because they have intimacy issues, take it from us: Lying never helps anything. For that matter, neither does calling someone insecure.

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