5 Places in NYC To Get Wet and Cool Off


It’s hot. Like sauna-0hot. Like walk-outside-and-you-feel-like-you-can’t-breathe hot. Like instantly-break-into-a-sweat hot. The impenetrable heat gave us the desire to return to our childhoods, get into a bathing suit (or just go topless, because we can) and frolic through the sprinklers on a suburban lawn. But, alas, we are adults and we live in New York City, so we’ve found some other places to run through water and get a little bit of a reprieve from this disastrous heat.

Pier 84
This Midtown pier near the Intrepid boasts an “interactive water fountain” and an “interactive play area [that] demonstrates the behavior and power of water.” At the play area the pier’s website explains that “adults and children can pump water, measure volume, observe forces in motion, and operate miniature canal gates.”

A number of city playgrounds have water features for children. But here’s a caveat: Adults cannot enter without accompanying a child under the age of 12. So if you have access to a child, grab it and head out. The good folks over at Mommy Poppins have compiled a handy list of some of their favorites.

Fire Hydrant
It’s classic New York image: Water pouring onto the street from a fire hydrant and everyone in the vicinity jumping into its stream. But did you know you can legally do that? If you go to your local fire station, you can pick up a “spray cap” that will allow you to legally convert any fire hydrant into a fountain. You have to be 18 to pick up one of the caps, so this one is just for adults.

The fountain in Washington Square Park
So, you can’t really run through this one, but given the handy steps that surround its inside, it’s perfect for wading. Roll your pants up — not that you are wearing pants in this heat — and step in.

The beach
Okay, well, this one is kind of obvious, but if you don’t have to work and want to make the trek, there is always the possibility of the actual beach. Coney Island is always a good, convenient choice. Check out a full list of beaches here.