Anthony Weiner Nearly Doubles His Twitter Followers During Weinergate


The Anthony Weiner scandal, which seems to get worse by the day, if not the hour — pervy messages galore! Five ladies and counting! Possible underage girls! His wife is pregnant! — has had an interesting side effect. Ironically, while the whole thing began with a wayward direct message that went public, Weiner’s ineptness with Twitter has not hurt him in terms of gleaning new Twitter followers — far to the contrary. We undertook an analysis of Weiner’s Twitter history, via Twitter Counter, to see what, exactly, a sext scandal can do for your Twitter rep (if not for your political one.)

Weiner’s current Twitter stats:

As you can see, Weiner is currently approaching 80,000 Twitter followers, averaging gains of 1,000-plus per day. Pre-scandal, he had around 40,000, holding fairly steady from May 11 until May 26, with a slow build from the 27th to the 31st, and then a spike that continues to climb.

Note the following key moments in the scandal.

–Over Memorial Day weekend, Weiner’s crotch shot was accidentally Tweeted publicly.

–From May 30 through June 5, the origin of said crotch shot (and how it was released) was discussed wildly.

–On June 1, Weiner made his last Tweet to date.

–On June 6, Weiner admitted to inappropriate tweets and online relationships (with six women) in a press conference that was, prior to Weiner’s appearance, hijacked by Andrew Breitbart. Women began to come forward confessing online affairs.

–On June 8, it was reported that Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, was pregnant.

Here’s the breakdown on follower gains from June 3 to tomorrow (speculated):

Weiner unfollowed one person between yesterday and today.

Between May 15 and May 16, he followed 53 new people. After May 31, he has followed no one new.

It’s predicted that by the end of the month, he’ll have nearly 100,000 followers.

Despite that, we don’t consider this an effective strategy for building your follower count.