McDonald’s Adds Dissing Far Rockaway to Its Endless List of Sins


Who wouldn’t want to be on the beach with a delicious Rockaway Taco in hand on this sweltering day? Apparently not most people who take the A train, according to a McDonald’s ad.

Under fire from Queens District 31 City Council member James Sanders, the fast-food chain has agreed to pull a McCafé ad on the A train featuring a hand holding an iced coffee and the words: “To Not Falling Asleep and Ending Up in Far Rockaway” (small type: “Unless, of course, you live there”). Sanders told the Daily News: “I’m glad that McDonald’s understands clowning around at the expense of a community is not funny. … We refuse to be the butt of a cheap joke.”

Let’s face it, it’s actually kind of funny — we’ve all passed out on the train before, drooled on our neighbors, and missed our stop, or secretly mocked some stranger for it. But maybe Sanders is understandably a wee bit sensitive about people pissing all over the Rockaways, à la the Post‘s Cindy Adams. The councilman has also offered to spring for subway fare for Ronald McDonald et al, should they wish to take a goodwill tour of the neighborhood. No thanks, says Mickey D’s.

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