My Tony Ballot Is In The New York Times!


Except I don’t have a Tony ballot since the Tony Awards dropped writers from their voting lists not long ago, because we actually knew what we were doing and we didn’t have an agenda about it.

So the Times asked me, as a “celebrity theatergoer,” to fill out who I would have voted for.

And here is the result, complete with my incredibly astute comments on the various choices.

A lot of it is very apples and oranges.

For example, it’s really hard to compare The Merchant of Venice and The Normal Heart, so I gave one of them Best Revival and the other Best Director.

To clarify two other things:

As I informed the reporter, I didn’t see Lombardi and I haven’t yet seen Baby It’s You!. If I were a real Tony voter, I would have been sure to catch all the nominees. You can’t even imagine how impeccably diligent I was! (Perhaps another reason I was axed.)

Also, when I said, “Ellen Barkin made a slam dunk Broadway debut,” I cited that as a quote from the Times‘ own Ben Brantley.

Anyway, feel free to enjoy my wisdoms … but don’t put money on any of it.

It’s just a matter of taste, after all.