Prepare For Greater Sugar Highs: The London Candy Company Will Soon Sell Candy Bar-Flavored Cakes


Candy is dandy, but what about candy-flavored cakes? Pretty effing rad, don’t you think? British sweets shop the London Candy Company will be making life even sweeter, since it’ll soon be adding candy-bar-flavored cakes to its roster of sugary delights.

Dubbed “Knock-Offs,” the cakes mimic a variety of English sweets, including Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Coconut Bounty, Double Decker, Cadbury’s Turkish Delight, Topic, Milky Bar, After Eight, Smarties, Mars Duo, and Blackcurrant and Strawberry Fruit Pastilles.

The inspiration for the new treats? Apparently owner Jigs Patel was such a chocolate fiend as a child that his mother (a candy shop owner) resorted to hiding sweets from him. Since lots of chocolates were around, his mother started baking them into cakes because they were harder to transport. As a nod to his mother, he decided he wanted to serve cakes at the London Candy Company, and commissioned pastry chef Khahlidra Levister to assist him.

The cakes, which will be permanent fixtures in the shop, will debut on June 22 and will retail for $2.75-$5 apiece. The sugar high, though, is free.