Priscilla Costume Designer Is a Big Cupcake


Well, figuratively speaking.

He’s lots of fun, is what I mean.

Tuesday at Le Bain, I ran into Tim Chappel, who, along with Lizzy Gardiner, designed the wild and crazy Priscilla costumes they’re Tony-nominated for, having cooked up all manner of flora and fauna for the cast to wear.

(They already won the Oscar for the movie’s costumes. They’re extremely decorated decorators!)

If they win this time, Chappel told me he might say in his speech that he and Lizzy “are Romulus and Remus sucking on the pink bus,” though he agreed with me that might be a tad obscure, so he’ll probably just go the basic gratitude route.

Whether they win or not, the good thing is that the costume award is the second one given, and Chappel told me he might want to use a seat filler after that.

(A very wise idea. I know from experience that awards shows can suck out your soul.)

At this point, someone barreled up to us and complained about all the “assholes” in the club.

“I’ve met some wonderful assholes tonight,” Chappel beamed.

In fact, he told me that he’d encountered all kinds of people at the club, and “it’s like a cheese plate. Some are delicious and some you want to spit out.”

As long as you have your big cupcake afterward.

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