Record Heat Continues Today; Empire State Building Won’t Light Up for Spider-Man; Citigroup Customers Hacked


• Serious heat alert today, guys. It will again reach nearly 100 degrees, with heat indexes in the low 100s. This is a good reason to eat some ice cream. Also, city cooling centers are open. Friday will bring more “regular” June temperatures. [Weather, NY1]

• The Empire State Building is being persnickety again (remember their refusal to light up for Mother Teresa?). Now they refuse to turn on red and blue (Spider-Man colors) lights for the opening night of the show unless the battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, currently set at the Chrysler Building, is moved to the Empire State Building. This is unlikely to occur. [NYP]

Kate Middleton’s phone may have been hacked while she was dating Prince William! A private investigator may have targeted royals, lawmakers, and terrorist informers at the behest of Rupert Murdoch’s News International, according to police. News International denies the allegation. [CNN]

• About 1 percent of Citigroup card customers — hundreds of thousands of people — have been affected by a data hack from an unidentified group, said Citigroup today. Names, account numbers, addresses, and emails may have been exposed. Customers whose information was impacted will be contacted. [NYT]

• Leona Helmsley’s millionaire dog, Trouble, has died at the age of 12 in Florida. The Maltese who inherited $12 million (it was reduced to $2 million by a judge) was cremated and, though Helmsley had wanted the dog interred with her in the family mausoleum, that is not allowed. R.I.P., Trouble. [NYDN]

• Matt Damon has visited upstate New York, to the excitement of everyone. [Press-Republican]