Tazo the Sea Otter Is Now Ready for Public Viewing at the New York Aquarium


The New York Aquarium today announced that Tazo, the precious northern sea otter in the video above, is now making his “public debut” in the Sea Cliffs exhibit.

In short, Tazo was separated from his mother by a storm; discovered by a resident of Homer, Alaska; cared for at the Alaska Sea Life Center for a month; and then brought back to New York, where he is doing swell. Keeper Nicole Pisciotta, who initially traveled to Alaska to be with him, became his “surrogate mother.” This is the stuff children’s books are made of!

Tazo — like the tea — has a “great personality,” according to today’s press release:

He is playful, curious, and enjoys being the center of attention. Much of his time is spent playing with toys such as rubber tire biters and frozen treats.

All together now, “aw.”