The 5 Best Google Doodles


Every once in a while Google likes to surprise us with a treat, a little gem on their homepage that makes searching the internet fun. In honor of the birthday of Les Paul, the Google Doodle today is a working guitar, encouraging every asshole in the office to take a stab at “Stairway to Heaven” for a few hours while they wait for 5 p.m. to roll around. While this is definitely one of the more annoying Google Doodles, it’s also one of the most creative, which made us reflect back on our own favorites. Our top 5 after the jump!

5. The April Fools Google

There have been a couple of good April Fools Jokes that the Google engineers have played on the public; if you’ll recall, this year they introduced “Gmail Motion” (if you guys want to go ahead and make that a reality, we’re ready). The O.G. April Fools Google Doodle was in 2007, with the creation of Google TiSP, a wireless router that ran through your toilets. The site promised that TiSP would include “24-hour, on-site technical support in the event of backup problems, brownouts and data wipes,” taking scatalogical humor to a whole new geeky level.

4. The Sesame Street Google

Everyone loves the Sesame Street gang, and the best part about this Doodle was that each character had their own individual logo as well! Ernie, Bert, Oscar, and our personal favorite The Count helped you search while bringing back some childhood memories.

3. The Google Instant Google

With the announcement of Google Instant, an auto-suggest feature that took, maybe, milliseconds off your googling time (and led to some pretty absurd search suggestions) came the Google Instant logo. The best part about this one? When you click on it, the logo bursts apart on the screen. A great way to kill a few minutes each time you went to search something, essentially negating the time-saving component of Google Instant.

2. The Jules Verne Google

In celebration of Jules Verne’s 183 birthday, your browser turned into a submarine, with the Google logo acting as a window into the sea. You could descend 20,000 leagues or float at the top of the sea for as long as you wanted. Pro tip: pretty sure there is a narwhal floating around in there — see if you can’t find it as you wind down the day.

1. The Pac Man Google

To be fair, today’s Google Doodle is a time-killer, but was there a more unproductive day nationwide than May 21, 2010, the day the Google logo turned into a fully-functioning game of Pac Man? Offices across the land turned into arcades, and nobody got any work done.

For those of you who didn’t realize that you could still use the Pac Man Google, we’re sorry.

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