William Giraldo, Accused Brooklyn Rapist, Missed His Wedding for a Court Date


The 24-year-old accused of raping a Brooklyn woman in Sunset Park on Saturday was arraigned on Wednesday, the very same day he was supposed to have been married. Though police suspect four recent sexual assaults were all carried out by the same man, William Giraldo was identified by just one victim in a police lineup. Giraldo claims “it was a misunderstanding,” and his lawyer say he has an “iron-clad” alibi — he was allegedly driving a fare to JFK Airport. (The fiance seems to believe him because she stood by his side at the arraignment.) But the dark cloud remains: Now, only $100,000 cash bail or $200,000 bond will get him out of Rikers Island and down to Florida, where he was supposed to tie the knot. Rain on your wedding day suddenly sounds not so bad. [NYDN]