Britney Spears Covers Madonna, Because Hey, Why Not


Perhaps trying to corral back the “next Madonna” territory that Lady Gaga has gained in recent months, Team Britney Spears has released a version of the Material Girl’s 1983 single “Burning Up”; the studio version seems to have been leaked as a way to jolt interest in her looming tour, the setlist for which will apparently contain a performance of the track. The cover dispenses with the original’s sizzle and crunch for a somewhat generic Eurohouse beat that could very easily be mixed into “Till The World Ends,” and Britney’s robotic vocal delivery makes one wonder if the reason she’s burning up involves some sort of processor malfunction. Still, as far as the “covers involving Madonna and/or her songs” pantheon goes, it’s better than “American Pie.” Clip below.

Perhaps the extended bridge (which seems a lot longer than its actual length!) is there for Nicki Minaj to drop a verse or two? Just spitballing there. (It would certainly liven things up.)