Brooklyn Kid Loses Mr. Bear Blanket; Ransom Note Demands $10,000 Worth of Cupcakes


The Brooklyn Paper is reporting today on the saga of a Cobble Hill child who lost his Mr. Bear blanket in the P.S.29 yard back on May 9. Nearly a month later, “Lost” signs went up in search of the “light blue bear blanket, beloved member of our family,” and “baked goods” and “good karma” were offered as rewards. “We know you’re out there, Mr. Bear,” reads the heartbreaking sign. “Your boy asks for you every day.” Now someone’s having some fun at the little kid’s expense. (Thankfully he won’t understand.)

A response sign then went up below the “Lost” poster: “We have the blanket. Nothing will happen to it if we get $10,000 of gluten-free cupcakes (no peanuts) delivered to this park. I’ll be dressed as a pregnant woman with a baby in a stroller.”

At the end, there’s a threat. “Come alone or this blanket goes into the washer. No gently cycle!”

“I would gladly bake 10,000 cupcakes,” said the distressed boy’s mom. “There is a part of me wishing this is real.” If you have any info on Mr. Bear’s whereabouts, call Susannah Bortner at (718) 210-6478.

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