Cochinita’s Tortillas Are Worth Crowing About


Cochinita, the new taco joint in Clinton Hill, is already causing quite a stir. The diminutive restaurant is often packed and would-be patrons have been spotted lingering outdoors when it’s forced to close to, well, make more tortillas. We checked out the goods.

Owner Adam Frank is from Los Angeles, which suggests he knows a thing or two about slapping together a taco. As he told Grub Street, he hopes to educate New Yorkers about Mexican cuisine. Being the dutiful students we are, we hit the books menu. Tacos are ordered via form, like sushi used to be, by checking boxes for desired sides and condiments. Priced at $3.50 each, they come filled with cochinita pibil (braised pork), steak, chicken, or poblano peppers. The namesake filling was full of flavor, with decent heat and hints of sweet orange. But it’s the tortillas that really make the taco. Hearty and toothsome, they’re made in-house, which is obvious from their freehand, rustic look. The rest of the menu is not terribly exciting — although there is Mexican Coke for $2.50 — but with such a great signature dish, it really doesn’t need to be.