Darrin Nemelc, Former NYPD Officer, Indicted in Rape of Teenage Girl


New DNA evidence implicates Darrin Nemelc, an NYPD officer until 1999, in the rape of a 14-year-old girl. Nemelc says he found the “little white girl” on New Year’s Day near Riverside Drive and that she seemed odd, but he let her use his bathroom anyway. “She was acting weird and spaced out and was crying,” he said. After she went to the restroom, he claims, “She started acting weird and unstable again and left.” But traces of him were found on her body. “His statements [to police] were a denial of contact with this person,” said the District Attorney. “DNA shows that’s not true.” Nemelc was indicted on charges of rape, criminal sex act and sex abuse, though prosecutor are considering pursuing the case as statutory rape instead of forcible rape, making it a nonviolent felony.