God, I’m Fabulous!


As the world awaits the September release of my next collection (see image above), let’s take a self-indulgent and totally whory trip back to my last one, La Dolce Musto, and revel in the praise that was fulminated my way by a variety of media outlets, all properly adoring and slobbering.

I do this not to brag, but to … um … um … well, yeah it’s to brag.

So kindly allow me to jerk off in public by belching up my four-year-old press clippings.

Here goes:

“Rapier wit … He is masterful at cutting through thickets of hype to get at something true.” —Chicago Tribune

“The crown prince of gossip at NYC alternative weekly The Village Voice … Outrageously flamboyant columns.” —Star magazine

“If you’ve never read his weekly column, you’ve missed a taste of New York that you won’t find anywhere else. … Critic, fan, philosopher, tattle tale.” —New York Social Diary

“The most flamboyant of all New York gossipers” —Page Six

“The most out there society column of our time … the bard of brutal truths” —Paper magazine

“A groundbreaker … a vertitable institution” —afterelton.com

The Village Voice‘s combination of Hedda Hopper and a crystal ball — delighting us all, pissing some people off, and keeping everybody guessing.” —Metrosource magazine

“Whatever the topic, Musto will have you laughing out loud. Buy it, buy it for friends, and read the best pop culture commentator writing today.” —Metrosource magazine

“The city’s most punny, raunchy, and self referential gossip columnist” —The New York Times

“Out, proud, and flamboyantly gay … full of adulation, cattiness, and sexual innuendo … Musto’s witty ridicule is pithy.” —Publishers Weekly

“The most fabulous columnist in North America” —The Hour

“The reigning champion of gossip columnists since 1984. Hilarious … our generation’s Oscar Wilde.” —Fab magazine

“Wicked and witty … Musto sees through the hypocrisy and chicanery of Hollywood and celebrates it nonetheless. La Dolce Musto is a musto reado for the celebrity obsessed.” —Philadelphia City Paper

“A downtown deity … deliriously cunning columns” —Next magazine

“Fearless … outrageously candid” —Buzz magazine

“Groundbreaking columnist” —Louisville Courier-Journal

“A gay-household name. Musto is a pioneer in modern free speech and a hero to all LGBT writers.” —Pink magazine

“Musto is a singular prose stylist who’s been honing his deceivingly ditsy voice to a sharp edge in 23 years of writing for The Village Voice. … This book is first class funny and first class fierce.” —Passport magazine

“Hilarious and sardonic” —Windy City Times

That’s it! I just orgasmed!