Julie Taymor Wants Her Spider-Man Money


As Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark prepares to reopen Tuesday in a — as the promos boast — “reimagined” fashion, former director Julie Taymor is gone, but not forgotten. Or at least she doesn’t want to be forgotten since she’s apparently owed $300,000 in royalties. The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society filed an arbitration claim yesterday against the Spider-Man producers for Taymor. According to the New York Times, the union’s executive director said in a statement that producers have not paid her any royalties and they have “absolutely no right, legally and ethically, to withhold royalties that are due to her.” Taymor is still listed on the show’s revised Playbill as a book co-writer and with “original direction by.” The saga continues, and maybe the new version won’t elicit as many bad words. One only hopes that someone soon writes a musical or a comic book about the making of this comic book musical. [NYT]