So What Exactly Is That On the Cover of Shark?’s True Waste?


Brooklyn’s Shark? finally released their Kickstarter-aided first full-length True Waste three Tuesdays ago, and we can safely report that the 12-track production is a Barney Gumble burp of garage-punk bar-band excellence. Think Blood on the Wall haunted by late-period Morrison’s demon. We still are, but maybe that’s because of True Waste‘s “disgustingly awesome” (their words) wall-spatter cover art by photographer JM Houle, which, as you can see, resembles an ungodly expulsion. So what is that nastiness?

“The photo is a picture of vomit,” confirms Shark? frontlung Kevin Diamond. OK!

Continuing on:

The vomit is composed of orange Gatorade and a sleeve of Ritz Crackers. It was produced by a member of one of our bands after he had bailed out another member of one of our bands from jail in New Orleans. Their identities shall remain secret.

As for why we chose to use it as our cover… well, the album was going to be called True Waste, that much we knew… I had been walking around brooklyn for a few weeks with a camera, trying to take a photo that encapsulated the title perfectly, with little sucess. Immediately after this photo was snapped on tour, I knew it had to be the cover. It’s also an awesome reminder of a very fun tour.

Please enjoy this video of the Shark? boys—who’re playing at the Silent Barn on Saturday—performing beside a urinal. Sensing a theme?