Tim League, CEO of Theater That Made Obnoxious Texting Woman PSA, Speaks


Tim League is the CEO/Founder of the Alamo Drafthouse. After their video incorporating the voicemail of an irate woman who’d been kicked out for texting (which the theater does not allow in any way, shape, or form) went viral, he released a video to explain the company’s reaction to the reaction — and how he thinks that people who have been nasty and mean-spirited about the woman who left the message should also be kicked out of theaters and/or the Internet.

League really wants to shake the hand of the anonymous caller if she ever comes forward and, if she’s learned her lesson, welcome her back. Alamo’s PR rep Brandy Fons told us that they haven’t heard a peep out of her, however. If anyone knows her, please get in touch!

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