Truman Capote Was Adorable Yet Evil


Socialite Slim Keith was one of author Truman Capote‘s favorite “swans” — i.e., uptown beauties — in the ’50s and ’60s, but as such, she definitely suffered some animal abuse from the famed author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood.

In Slim’s memoirs, she reveals that Capote was impishly lovable but also a big old troublemaker.

He once invited Slim to lunch with a surprise guest. The guest turned out to be the woman Slim’s husband left her for!

In his final misstep, Capote wrote a scandalous story, “Le Cote Basque,” in which he betrayed all his friends like Slim, using their personal secrets for fodder — and it wasn’t even that well-written.

As Slim remembers, Capote then sent her an ironic telegram saying “I have decided to forgive you.” She didn’t.

Before that, his biggest fuck-up was trying to date an air-conditioner repairman named Randy and bringing him around on various jet-set jaunts to impress him.

“His brightest conversational topics were compressors, condensation, and power failure,” says Slim.

I guess Truman liked to be the brightest person in the room.