Ukrainian Tourist Blames Groping of Flight Attendant on Low Blood Sugar


Ukrainian tourist Iurii Chumak, 53, admitted in Brooklyn federal court that he purposely reached under a flight attendent’s skirt and fondled her as she served coffee to passengers on a British Airways flight from London to New York. He apologized to the judge and claimed the incident was due to his blood sugar levels, making this quite possibly the first instance of low blood sugar being used in a court of law as an excuse for being a perv.

During the flight Chumak also downed a bottle of Dewar’s Scotch and was verbally abusive to the wife of one passenger. Also blood sugar? He was put in restraints for the rest of the flight after the groping incident and was arrested upon arrival at JFK.

Currently Chumak faces a six-month jail sentence, a $5,000 fine, and deportation.

Ukranian tourist cops to groping on NY-bound flight [NYP]